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Yui Hatano is a Japanese actress, AV idol and model. She is popular in Taiwan, where she is regarded as a lookalike for the popular Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling.

In 2015, it was announced that she is to be featured on Taiwan's EasyCard public transport payment cards, in two different photographs: one as a devil, one as an angel. This drew a large controversy but the cards sold out in 4 hours after going on sale at 250USD a pop.

She was also listed as the top actress of 2014 across all of's actress rankings.

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Yui's Details

  • Name: Yui Hatano
  • Birth: May 24, 1988
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Born: Tokyo
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 163cm
  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 88 - 59 - 85 cm
  • Cup Size: E
  • Hobbies: Video Games, Anime

Interview Questions:

Q:You are quite popular overseas right now aren't you?

I do events in Taiwan, and also appeared in a movie about a year ago. I want to continue acting for the rest of my life.

Q:Yes you were in a mainstream movie! You were also the lead! You probably don't even need to be in Japan anymore to get work.

No no, haha. I like the Japanese adult industry. I can have fun doing what I like and want to continue that. So my main job will be here in Japan. There is a Taiwanese actress named Chi-ling who many people say I look like. That's probably the reason why I became popular in Taiwan. I've looked at her picture though and she is so beautiful, I don't think I look like her at all.

Q:You enjoy adult films, how did you get into this business?

In the beginning I wanted to be a swimsuit model. But after talking to a lot of people I realized there were already so many girls who were doing that type of modeling. I believed that I would just get lost among all the girls doing modeling. At the same time I was thinking about that, I saw that adult actresses often appeared on TV in variety TV shows. I thought that was definitely a real possible line of work for myself. Of course the first time I was somewhat reluctant to having sex in front of someone else. Haha.


Q:Did you enjoy sex before that?

I liked thinking about sex quite a bit already. I have a pretty strong imagination already, a really naughty perverted imagination. After I turned 25 I got really horny and I began to enjoy the sex even more. I really enjoy working in adult films now.

Q:When did you loose your virginity?

I lost my viriginity at the age of 16 to a 40 year old man I met on a dating website. We had mailed eachother for a while and eventually we said, "Ok let's meet." At first it wasn't good at all. It just hurt a lot. His dick was too big. (haha)

Q:What do you think is your own big selling point regarding your popularity?

Probably that I am considered a "MILF" haha. I've been an actress for a while now, lately though I've been playing the role of "Married woman" or "Incestual mom," those roles have been coming in a lot lately. Usually, I play women who are much older than my real age. It's a little funny that I play a married woman even though I am not married myself.

Q:Any message for your fans?

I believe I am only here today due to my fans and the people who have helped me in this business and am very thankful. I really feel deeply grateful to those fans who have helped support my career. Of course I want you to watch the videos I am, but I also want to do more fan events where I get to meet people as well. Thanks for all your support!